Insulated foamed concrete Buildings

INSULATED FOAMED CONCRETE BUILDINGS As part of our ongoing commitment to offer innovative solutions to housing shortages in many countries we can supply all equipment to make foamed insulated concrete panels called Nanometer panels.   Or the machinery can be

EverSure Battery Solar Systems

EverSure Battery Solar Systems have the answer to power cuts in electricity supplied from conventional energy sources which cause problems, big and small, in both domestic and commercial situations. In the home it means no lights, no charging your mobile

Steel Structure Housing

Steel framed housing and building The galvanized steel framed panels are fully insulated to very high specification. For these buildings, a concrete base is required.   Uses:  Using the steel frame system we can create any type of building from

Executive Homes and Luxury Villas

Executive homes and Luxury Villas If you looking to build your dream home, whether it be a ranch style bungalow or a mansion, our systems are the perfect choice. Once you have discussed your requirements with your architect, send us