Aerated Concrete Block

Aerated concrete block is made of fly ash, sand, cement, lime and aluminium powder. It performs quite well in function.

Its advantage in performance is as follows:

  1. Light weight: dry measurement density is between 400 – 700 kg/m, equivalent to about 1/3 of clay brick, 1/5 of normal concrete.
  2. Heat retaining: thermal conductivity is 0.09 – 0.22W/(m.k), equivalent to about 1/4 of clay brick, 1/5 to 1/10 of normal concrete.
  3. Soundproof: uniform distribution of a large number of independent air holes, which have good sound absorbing performance.
  4. High temperature resistant: perfect fireproof performance, achieving national fire protection standards.
  5. Production is highly efficient with low energy consumption, because depending on local conditions, raw materials such as sand, slag, fly ash, coal gangue which can be used in the production process are generally very common.
  6. Earthquake resistant.