Everstone building Systems has over forty years experience of manufacturing products for the building industry. We are involved in the development of unique easy build products for all types of properties.

Everstone offers a range of high-quality, low-cost insulated foamed concrete building systems that have many advantages over conventional building methods.

Foamed concrete is not a new product nor is steel structure framework. It has been used within the building industry for almost 100 years. It is very strong, versatile to the extent that Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament are underpinned with foamed concrete.

Many famous buildings have used steel structure as a method of construction, for instance, the Empire State Building in New York.

Steel frame factory unit in construction

Our insulated foamed concrete is also steel reinforced.

At Everstone, we also supply systems for integrated low-cost housing developments, individually designed Villas, Hotels or factories which are very easy to erect in any part of the world.

Low cost housing
Villa style house
Typical hotel
completed workers accommodation

Our integrated housings are fully insulated, lightweight, fire resistant for up to four hours at 1100 degrees centigrade,  earthquake proof up to 8.5 and extremely quick to erect taking days rather than months making them incredibly cost-effective. For instance, the internal and external walls of a 2 -3 bedroom single storey home can be erected in one day and a two storey home in three days.

Our products are ideal in hot countries because increasing proof of global warming has meant that more and more people are seeking ways to live in homes that provide a cooler environment prompting a surge in demand for air conditioning systems in a variety of forms.

insulated foamed concrete
Exterior wall finishing


However, these are both expensive to purchase, run and, rely on often failing supplies of electricity. Our insulated structures often negate the need for cooling in the summer and heating in the winter.

The building structures can be finished in traditional style to blend in with local surroundings.

Everstone offers an ongoing training program.


Everstone Villa
Large American Style Villa


We can also deliver turnkey home systems to include everything, other than the foundations, to suit all budgets at extremely competitive prices generally within one month of receiving an order.

Using our systems rather than conventional building methods will mean a build time of days rather than months.

everstone house