Commercial buildings using steel frame

Steel frame factory unit in construction

Everstone specialises in the design and supply of steel framed buildings for both industrial and commercial use, from small steel frame industrial units, factory complexes, offices, shops and warehousing, car showrooms and workshops, sports and leisure centres, high rise offices, hotels and aircraft hangers to airports.



We undertake the complete structural design and supply  of the building framework  using highest quality steel, which can be galvanised if required.

Our buildings are earthquake proof up to 8.5 on the Richter scale, hurricane and typhoon proof and capable of withstanding arctic snow loads.

We can provide floors, ceilings, partition walls, shafts, lifts and staircases to customer’s requirement.

We also offer the facility to supply overhead cranes and gantries.

We also supply glazing and cladding systems complete with integrated personnel and vehicle access doors along with many other accessories. All are supplied in accordance with the client’s individual requirements.


Once we receive a copy of plans and specifications, we can design and quote for the building normally within two to three weeks.


Here are examples of buildings we can supply.