EverSure Battery Solar Systems have the answer to power cuts in electricity supplied from conventional energy sources which cause problems, big and small, in both domestic and commercial situations.

In the home it means no lights, no charging your mobile phones, no TV, no fridge etc.

In the workplace interrupted manufacturing processes which can often lead to more expense replacing broken parts, computers going off etc etc.Similar problems occur with power surges.

EverSure Battery Solar will provide:

  • Basic Stand Alone Systems for Rural Areas
  • Larger Domestic Systems for Cities
  • Systems for Commercial
  • Systems for Manufacturing
  • Systems for Farms
  • Systems for Industry
  • Systems for Street Lighting
  • Containerised solutions for Solar and Wind Farms to supply villages and  support the grid
  • Unique New Technology Battery Storage Systems

Using the latest technology Battery Solar Systems from EverSure as either a back up or first supply will greatly reduce, or replace completely, the need to solely rely on a grid system for electricity.

Using daylight as the power source, which is permanent and free, storing unused kilowatts in sophisticated new technology battery packs, to draw from in the hours of darkness, and ensuring a continuous electricity supply.

Benefits for Using EverSure Battery Solar System:

  • Sure No more electricity payments
  • Sure No more power cuts
  • Sure No more blackouts
  • Sure No more electricity bills
  • Sure Easy installation
  • Sure Battery Solar System can be enlarged
  • Sure minimum 20 years battery life
  • Sure free electricity
  • Sure never ever any increase in electricity cost

EverSure have basic low cost, stand alone systems for rural areas that can be increased in size if or when required, larger domestic systems that eliminate  existing energy payments in the cities, Systems for commercial use and Street Lighting.

Africa, and particularly Uganda, is blessed with long hours of daylight, mostly accompanied with sunshine, making EverSure Battery Solar Systems the perfect solution.

An installation in Wales in the United Kingdom, which isn’t rich in sunshine, on a new four bedroom house where a typical family of four live, provided ALL their electricity for TEN MONTHS and a bill in October of just £15,00 or approximately $20.

Based on this example a similar installation in Uganda or other African countries, electricity costs would be ZERO.

We can provide a 24 hour electricity supply using our state of the art new technology battery systems that have been developed through many years of ongoing research. These batteries have a guarantee of 20 years life working at 80 to 90% of capacity.

There will always be unused electricity stored in the batteries which can be sold to neighbours to create a 20+ year income stream.

Using an EverSure Battery Solar System means there will never ever be any increase in electricity cost because the power source is free, unlike electricity companies who guarantee to increase their prices.

Are these systems expensive?

Purchasing an Eversure Battery Solar System to suit your requirements couldn’t be simpler.

Pay for the system as its installed and enjoy free electricity for a minimum period of 20 years.

Create an income by selling to neighbours unused kilowatts

Eliminate completely increases in prices from electricity suppliers.


Purchase through a financial package with monthly payments guaranteed lower than current monthly  electricity costs.

Why an EverSure Battery Solar System

We believe we are close to achieving our goal of making electricity affordable and eventually free to everyone.

There are many added benefits, in addition to increasing living standards, attached to this objective, such as reducing the risk of related illness from using and drinking contaminated water.

An EverSure Battery Solar System even the basic system, will also power electric water filters to purify drinking water and help to eliminate the likes of Cholera and Typhoid.

Even bottled water can be contaminated if not purchased directly from a renouned reputable supplier. Having your own water filter gives you complete peace of mind.

We GUARANTEE that you will be completely happy with any of our battery solar systems.

Opportunities for Our Customers:

Introduce TEN CUSTOMERS who buy a like system to yours and we will refund 100% OF YOUR COST.

Introduce more than TEN and we will pay you a commission on EVERY ONE

What’s More:

EverSure can work with you in your area and provide services to create bespoke solutions for rural homes, larger homes, health centres and schools as well as large production facilities and micro grids.

We operate as consultants and provide from our range of battery chemistries to meet all designs and budgets

The opportunities are Limitless!!Whatever your needs EverSure can offer advice and suggest a solution!!

For a free assessment of how we can help please send your contact details and enquiries to: