Executive homes and Luxury Villas

If you looking to build your dream home, whether it be a ranch style bungalow or a mansion, our systems are the perfect choice. Once you have discussed your requirements with your architect, send us your detailed specifications and plans and we will happily cost them for you and offer advice if necessary.

We always put our customers first on every occasion.

We can generally provide a costing within 14 days of receiving plans and if accepted would aim to supply the products within 30 days.

Ranch style bungalow


Mansion style

Method of construction

Our integrated housings are fully insulated, lightweight, fire resistant for up to four hours at 1100 degrees centigrade, earthquake proof up to 8.5 and extremely quick to erect taking days rather than months making them incredibly cost-effective. For instance, the internal and external walls of a 2 -3 bedroom single storey home can be erected in one day and a two-storey home in three days.

The options are

  • A Shuttering system using poured foamed concrete made on site using local materials
  • Insulated steel reinforced lightweight foamed concrete panels made on site using local materials.

Both of the above methods of construction produce considerable, practical, cost and time related benefits, as well as reducing the number of skilled trade personnel required on-site to complete the project.

All our systems are extremely energy efficient and can reduce the need for expensive, to purchase and operate, air conditioning systems as they remain cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Cross section of walling

Benefits of an Everstone building system

  1. Extremely quick to build
  2. No requirement for expensive trades people
  3. Minimal building site debris
  4. Precision engineered in our factory.
  5. Energy efficient

Manufacturing process

The steel framed building is precision engineered in our factory.

Every single piece is precision drilled. The framework is then preassembled in the factory and when completed, it is then dismantled, packed and delivered to site.

When on site there is a plan for the construction of the building where every piece of steel work is numbered, for example every nut and bolt for the construction of the framework is allocated to the individual pieces.

When the structure is completed which normally takes approximately two days for a three-bedroom house, we then apply precision made shuttering.

On the internal wall of this shuttering system, all the water pipes have been installed in the correct positions ready to accept the hot and cold feed for wash basins, toilet, shower, radiators, kitchen sink, washing machine, dish washer etc..

Push on pipe connectors, which are quick and easy to attach, are used and can be installed by unskilled people.

Electrical conduit is also embedded in the walls with access points for sockets and switches perfectly placed

No chasing into the walls or patching is required.

All an electrician is required to do is to feed the cable into the conduit, connect the tails to the sockets and switches and connect to the consumer board.

All the windows and doors openings are in position.

The wall is then constructed using insulated foam concrete with machines, which can be bought or hired.

Internal finishing

We can provide internal finishing to customer’s requirements, which can include all furnishing eg dining room and living room furniture, bedroom furniture, kitchen appliances, curtains, fabrics, linens and lighting.

We can also supply electrics that are controlled via mobile phone so you can draw your curtains, turn on AC or heating and wireless appliances if required.

By using us, you will be dealing directly with the manufacturers, no middlemen, which guarantees you a far more affordable high quality product.

We hope that these pictures will give you an idea of what we can provide.

Possible Design ideas

Pictures of interior examples

Living room