Happy to say we were part of the this year’s annual property show organised by homex.

The main of the show is  to create access to quality life style and to bring costly and affordable housing accessories close to the people

This  been organised annually since 2013 and proving popular year on year on.

Crest group are the main organisers and is sponsored by various international organisation.

There were different types of exhibitors including, home furnishers, Office funishers,Real estate dealers, Construction Engineers, Construction companies, Security companies, Banks, Investment advisors, Mortgaging financing institutions, Exterior and Interior designers, Energy supplier i.e. Generator and Solar suppliers, Gardeners, Aluminium suppliers, Roof manufacturers, Cement sellers.

The expo attracts exhibitors from the whole of the East African countries (Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and southern Sudan).

It’s always covered live on NBS Television for all the time its running.

The highlights for the expo are always shown every Sunday at 7.30pm on NTV Uganda the property show program till the next year when the next expo takes place.

We were very pleased with the outcome of the expo and also the staff of of the organisers were very helpful. The whole event was well managed and advertised well.

For us, the brand awareness and product interest was great as we had several enquiries from the event.

Just to mention that, we offer Roofing solutions, Solar Energy solutions and Building Solutions.




For further enquiries in Uganda please contact us at or Tel: +256 775 307201