At Everstone, we pride ourselves in being able to accommodate every request from every customer with our versatile systems, which are particularly suitable for hotels and themed holiday accommodation such as safari lodges.

We view each of our projects as a personal partnership and do everything in our power to make our relationships valuable for our clients.

Our goal is to create a business that endures; built on a foundation of happy customers along the way.

We are different because we are a hard working, honest and reliable team. We use the highest quality of products.

The Structures enable hotel schemes to be constructed from low rise up to 30 storey with individual room or open floor plans as required. Transfer deck structures are frequently found at first floor level.


Optional construction methods for hotels:

The construction can be in 3 forms depending on customers requirement but all are based on a standard reinforced steel structure and insulated foamed concrete that ensures the finished product is earthquake proof, hurricane and typhoon proof, fire resistant for up to 4 hours at 1100 degree centigrade and can withstand arctic snow loads.

Cross section of walling

The options are

  • Preformed Panels in our factory known as nanometer panels
  • A Shuttering system using poured foamed concrete made on site using local materials
  • Insulated steel reinforced lightweight panels made on site using local materials.

All of the above methods of construction produce considerable, practical, cost and time related benefits, as well as reducing the number of skilled trade personnel required on-site to complete the project.

All our systems are extremely energy efficient and can reduce the need for expensive, to purchase and operate, air conditioning systems as they remain cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Hotel Ideas

Turnkey Operation:

We can supply all kitchen, bathroom and bedroom furnishings, lounge and dining room furniture, lighting, curtains, linens, fabrics etc from our extensive range. By using us, you will be dealing directly with the manufacturers, no middlemen, which guarantees you a far more affordable high quality product.


Standard hotel bedroom


Typical hotel room