As part of our ongoing commitment to offer innovative solutions to housing shortages in many countries we can supply all equipment to make foamed insulated concrete panels called Nanometer panels.


Or the machinery can be used to construct the walls on site using a shuttering system which is constructed in our factory and assembled on site.

With our unique system built homes, we have reduced the need for expensive trades people i.e. brick layers, carpenters, plumbers and electricians.

Wall construction:

Precision engineered building. The steel framed building is precision engineered in our factory.

Every single piece is precision drilled. The frame work is then preassembled in the factory and when completed, it is then dismantled, packed and delivered to site.

When on site there is a plan for the construction of the building where every piece of steel work is numbered, for example every nut and bolt for the construction of the frame work is allocated to the individual pieces.

When the structure is completed which normally takes approximately two days for a three bedroom house, we then apply precision made shuttering.

On the internal wall of this shuttering system, all the water pipes have been installed in the correct positions ready to accept the hot and cold feed for wash basins, toilet, shower, radiators, kitchen sink, washing machine, dish washer etc..

Push on pipe connectors, which are quick and easy  to attach, are used and can be installed by unskilled people.

Electrical conduit is also embedded in the walls  with  access points for sockets and switches perfectly placed

No chasing into the walls or  patching is required.

All an electrician is required to do is to feed the cable into the conduit, connect the tails to the sockets and switches and connect to the consumer board.

All the windows and doors openings are in position.

The wall is then constructed using insulated foam concrete with machines which can be bought or hired.

A Shutter

An example of the shuttering system

Some of the machinery required.

Everstone Machinery

Foam concrete:

Foam concrete has been used in the construction industry since the early 1920s and is made up of cement, fly ash or crushed silica sand, a foaming agent and water.

Foamed concrete is a highly workable, low density material incorporating up to 80% air. It is generally self levelling, self compacting and may be pumped mechanically using one of our machines. The risk of plaster shrinkage or settlement cracking is significantly lower than that of standard concrete.

Using the shuttering system, three men can complete up to 90 square face meters of walling per hour compared with conventional building methods using bricks or blocks which could take weeks.

Diagram to explain the construction

The walls are constructed using:

  • 100mm internal wall of steel reinforced foam concrete,
  • 50mm cavity wall polyurathane
  • 100mm of steel reinforced foam concrete.
Cross section of walling


The foamed concrete is then pumped into the wall using the foam pump machine. The machine can pump up to 90 face square metre per hour. Normally to construct the walls on a three/four bedroom house will take approximately one day. Whilst the concrete is curing the roof can be installed as can the floor and ceilings.

After 2 days remove the shuttering. Then the windows and doors are ready to install. All the fixings points are pre drilled.

Windows are pre glazed, the doors are pre hung.

The internal and external finishing can be applied using finishings of customer’s choice i.e. plastering, rendering or just painting.

Exterior wall finishing

Exterior Wall finishing using cladding


insulated foamed concrete
Exterior wall finishing using bricks

The advantages of the system is it is quick, clean and very clinical. No site waste i.e. bricks, blocks, concrete, cement, sand, ballast, wood debris, pallets etc..

Typically normal time of construction for a four to six bedroom luxury house is less than 28 days and a two to three bedroom luxury house considerably less.

Below are pictures of low-cost and high quality housing using our product which we have now improved the insulation in to a degree that it often reduces the need for air conditioning in a hot climate and often reduces the need for heating in a cold climate.

All our buildings are precision made with inbuilt security.

The external walls can be finished to customers requirements e.g. brick, cladding, stone work, wood, etc to blend in with existing surroundings and the environment.

Everstone Low-cost building

Low-cost housing in China

Typically the single storey low-cost houses pictured contain two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen , living/ dining room and closet.

example of single storey floor plan

Single storey floor plan


The Dormer bungalows contain on the ground floor, kitchen, utility room, dining room, living room, hallway and en-suite master bedroom and staircase.
On the first floor, there are three bedrooms and a bathroom.

Dormer Bungalow for Everstone

A dormer bungalow in China using our integrated housing products

Our foamed concrete panels can be used for a variety of buildings for example medium and large villas and offices.

Executive Family house

Everstone single family villa

We can also supply all internal fixings including kitchens, bathrooms, staircases, door handles and locks to suit most requirements from our extensive range. Examples are pictured .

Everstone low cost kitchen

Villa style kitchen

Everstone family kitchen

An example of an optional villa kitchen

Examples of  optional bathroom vanity units

Everstone bathroom vanity units

Vanity units

 Examples of optional staircases

Everstone villa staircases

Examples from the wide range of internal and external door handles and locks

Internal Finishing can be tailor made to suit customer but we generally have 3 types.

  1. Basic
  2. Standard
  3. Executive

We can supply all kitchen, bathroom and bedroom furnishings, lounge and  dining room furniture, lighting, curtains, linens, fabrics etc… By using  us, you will be dealing directly with the manufacturers, no middle men, which guarantees you a far more affordable high quality product.

We hope that these pictures will give you an idea of what we can provide. We offer a complete turnkey operation to suit all customers requirements.