Around the world, there is a high demand for good quality, low cost high performance  housing. According to the UN, about 21 million new low cost housing units are required per year. In order to clear the backlog by 2030, an additional 14 million units per year are required.

In Africa, 72% of urban population lives in slums. In Asia this is 46%.

In the UK,  there is  a shortage of social and low cost housing in excess of 2m homes according to The rest of Europe is in a similar situation.

The same goes for South America as the picture shows below.

The present huge backlog and still growing demand require modern, efficient and very fast building techniques with good quality materials at low cost.

We at Everstone achieve high quality, low cost housing that is inexpensive yet very durable which brings a high level of comfort to its inhabitants. In this age of conservation of resources, a green sustainable approach plays an important role in the way we work. Our modern construction methods and continuous quality control ensure all buildings are finished to a very high standard inspite of the relatively low cost.

Our systems can be erected using unskilled labour who we will train and draw from local communities. This policy helps to instil a sense of pride and generally ensures that the community is respected. We also use local materials and products to reflect the eco friendly nature of our buildings.


Advantages of Shuttering and Foam construction

  • Foam concrete is a versatile building material with excellent properties.
  • Modern shuttering molds are very effective and produce houses of uniform quality every time.
  • An assembly line principle is applied for the sequence of activities on the construction site making the production highly efficient and debris free.
  • Quality houses with long lifespan.
  • Highly competitive cost
  • Strong, Durable and stable.
  • Houses can be upgraded at a later date ie floor covering, wall tiling upgrading on door etc. or even extend.
  • Female workers can also be used.


 Design and Construction of our Shuttering system

  • Foam concrete consists of sand, cement, water, foam or air and is used for all our walls. No clay is used.
  • We use very little if any timber as a construction material.
  • Our Shuttering mold system provides very high repetition at low cost per house.

Industrial construction techniques result in a fast build and uniform high quality standard throughout our building systems.

Where applicable the use of in-house heating and/or cooling can be reduced thanks to the highly insulating characteristics of Cellular Lightweight concrete also known for short as CLC.


Foam spray


Examples of machinery required


Examples of machinery required

 Everstone shuttering system is suitable for all type of housing projects from one single unit up to complete housing estates.


Daily Production.

How the Everstone system works

An essential part of the system is the daily production cycle. This means that the shuttering for the walls can be stripped and erected on the next foundation in the morning, and is cast the same day and stripped the next morning for the next cycle. In such a way the shuttering mould is producing walls every working day. A complete mould for all the walls of our housing units can be used in a daily cycle, so that one house is produced with one mould every working day

Using the Everstone system gives a guarantee of a high quality finished house every time each identical to the previous one.

One mould shuttering system will produce a complete house everyday. To deliver more houses more moulds and more labour are required, however the machinery used is capable of producing between 15 -20 houses per day.

Examples of homes in the same style

Example of house completed


Typical example of reproducing the same style of homes


Material for the Walls

Once the mould for the walls is set up and ready for casting, it is filled with our foam concrete.

The foamed concrete consists of a mixture of sand, cement and water, to which millions of very small air bubbles are added to form a cellular structure. This results in a significantly lightweight concrete, which is fire proof, water proof, very strong and highly insulated, far more so than normal dense concrete.

Labour Requirement

Because of the industrial characteristics of the construction, a higher percentage of unskilled male and female workers can be employed. Some skilled workers are needed for the mould, the production of concrete, the steel reinforcement bars and measurement control.

Local Materials

Local materials and products are used as much as possible. Only our foaming agent, fiber reinforcing and specialized equipment such as the foam generator will need to be imported.  The walls require our high quality shuttering system, which we produce locally.

Layout and Design

Houses must be designed according to local Building Codes and Regulations.


Everstone modular shuttering system is based on standard

panel sizes which incorporate windows and doors of various sizes.

Using this system a house can be designed to suit customer’s requirement.


Structure and foundation

There are different foundation types, however our preferred type is the Floating raft foundation.

The floating raft foundation is the most stable foundation method suitable for almost all soil conditions. This raft foundation consists of a dense reinforced concrete floor slab with edge beams and, if required, beams under the floor slab to increase stiffness. Rafts can be made from foam concrete as well.  It is very suitable for industrialized construction.

The most important components of our system are the high strength foundation and the wall, which will withstand all occurring external forces.

The most suitable foundation is a reinforced dense concrete or foam concrete raft slab that together with the walls forms a strong and stable boxlike structure.


Drawing of a house floor slab



In cyclone prone areas a much stronger roof structure, panels and fixings are used.


Any type of window frame can be used, such as locally produced steel windows, timber windows and aluminum window frames.

Electrical Installations and kitchen

All electrical conduits and water pipes are installed in the wall system prior to pouring the foam concrete

Toilet bowl and cistern, bathtub, basin and shower/bath are part of the house as well as the kitchen.

Internal finishing can be installed to clients specification from basic to luxury quality.