foamed concrete panel

Nanometer composite plate

The Nanometer composite plate is lightweight and has a steel surround and truss and foam cement material inside and out.


Highly heat retentive because cement is inorganic material. Closed cell foamed cement is more than 95% efficient in reducing the heat transfer rate and is the prerequisite of super-insulation.

Highly fire resistant belonging to a brand 1 fire proof category with a refractoriness of over 1100 degrees centigrade making it the best amongst fire and thermal insulation materials.

Intensity is very strong and hard to fracture and performs well in compressive strength, bending and hardness tests because it is a mix of low density and high strength.

Lightweight which greatly reduces the cost whilst reaching every index in the fire isolation belt when the density is between 160–300 kg/m3. They are permanent structures and water resistant because inorganic silicate materials have superior performance.

Nanometer composite plate can be widely used in construction which can be extremely fast. It can be pasted or hang dried, used for internal or external wall insulation, roof heat preservation or insulation.

Construction is flexible, adaptable, and can be built on simplified foundations because of its lightweight. Negates the need for plastering. It is Energy saving and safe, Eco friendly, non-toxic and pollution-free.

Can be made using industrial waste thereby helping the environment.

Nanometer plate 1