Our steel structure prefab buildings are insulated panel system which is ideal for  variety of uses including schools, hospitals, offices, theaters etc

They can be built as stand-alone units with pitched roofs or with flat roofs to allow for future expansion with additional units placed either alongside or above with the addition of external or internal staircases and walkways.

Stand alone prefab basic school


prefab school
A prefab two storey school building with walkways


prefab school
prefab school classroom

Once the base is laid the structure can be erected very quickly with the interior layout to suit requirements for instance in schools there can be classrooms, assembly hall, toilets, showers even if required in larger schools a gymnasium area for sporting activities, and lecture theaters in Universities.

A school theatre

In hospitals, Interiors would again be to suit requirements and as normal, offices would generally be open spaces for the customer to divide as required.

Two storey school or hospital accommodation
Hospital Room


Typical prefab open space office


In all cases, electrical wiring and plumbing pipe work are integrated into the walling system.

Because of the insulated walling buildings are cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter which greatly reduces annual energy costs. Over a sustained period, with the ever increasing cost of energy, these savings will help to offset the initial cost of the building.

Our systems are extremely quick to build, using local unskilled labour, with little or no site debris found on conventional building sites. Exteriors can be finished to blend in with surroundings or to clients specifications.

Our prefab building is:


  • Main structure: Light Gauge Steel
  • Wall cladding: ALC panel/fibre cement cladding
  • Insulation material: glass wool or also EPS/XPS/PU sandwich panel
  • Ceiling material: MGO board/gypsum board
  • Roof: EPS sandwich panel/steel roofing/asphalt shingle
  • Flooring: laminate flooring/wooden/PVC carpet
  • Door: steel security door/WPC or wooden door
  • Window: aluminum alloy/PVC
  • Solar panels could be installed if required

Façade wall

Wall panels are made of 50mm with 10kg density EPS foam sandwich panel. All panels are fixed in the factory and hinged with roofing panel. The thickness of steel for the panel is 0.35mm outside and 0.35mm for inside.


Doors are pre-hung in the doorframe. Windows are fully glazed and fit perfectly in the openings.

The door is made of insulated steel and fitted with the door lock.

The windows are double glazed with aluminum or plastic frame

Benefits of using Light Gauge Steel Structure

  • Earthquake resistance: up to 8.5 on the Richter scale
  • Wind and hurricane resistance
  • Materials used could be fire resistance if required
  • Panels are sealed hence the structures are not damaged by insects, such as ants,
  • All our buildings are ventilated.
  • Reduces the need for air-conditioning in hot climates and in cooler climate, it reduces the need for heating
  • Any finishing can be applied to the building on the internal or external surfaces


  • All electrics and plumbing are all pre-installed in the panels ie sockets, light switches, and lighting,
  • We can also provide security bars, windows and doors shutters.

Internal finishing can be standard or to customers specification.

We are confident that we offer the best solutions at a cost that will save you money as well as being able to use the facility far quicker than any other building method.