and application of new building materials project

 with  our Chinese partners

Our industrial park of building material machinery covers an area of 500 acres with annual sales of 1 billion yuan. There are more than 1000 employees in our group. We signed a technical cooperation agreement with Katz Beitong Germany in 2012, which laid the solid foundation for a rapid development of our machinery industry which covers 200 acres and employs 300 staff.

A cooperation agreement was signed with Building Material Institute of Science Research of China in 2013. On the basis of Aerated concrete block and autoclaved lime-sand brick. After long periods of intensive research, we have designed and produced new types of building materials which are more convenient to use being stronger and faster to erect than conventional products. These include aerated concrete panels, nano plate, composite and magnesium board.

A cooperation agreement was initiated in 2016 with Everstone Building Systems in the UK  to develop the Nanometer steel-framed panels with a particular emphasis on increasing the insulation properties whilst creating a low cost, fast build, housing system for international markets.

Our partners can produce 200,000m2 of the aerated concrete block, 100000m2 of Aerated plank, 150,000m2 of nanocomposite plate and 100000m2 of magnesium plate, making us the  largest producer of new building materials.

The partnership adheres to the business philosophy of “lean management in the pursuit of excellence”. Using science, technological research and stringent testing procedures as our development core, and stringent quality controls. We have become a respected name in a fiercely competitive market.

We have domestic and international sales personnel and the first class after sales team. We firmly believe that our company will be the best choice for products both now and in the future.


Product Introduction – USAGE

These five new wall materials have their own unique characteristics, with different application modes. The following data explains the scope of these products in more detail:

  1. Aerated concrete block is suitable for the construction of high-rise buildings because of its light weight. It performs well in insulation properties and resistance to thawing. It can be used in building ordinary housing in cold or tropical regions.
  2. Aerated concrete panels are suitable for the construction of luxury villas, high-rise buildings. With its good anti-thawing performance, insulation properties and seismic performance, it is beyond of the influence of geology and can be applied in all habitable geological conditions.
  3. Nanometer composite panels are suitable for the construction of luxury villas and all forms of housing. Using a steel frame and steel mesh insert they are particularly suitable for constructions where earthquakes are regular occurrences.
  4. Composite plate is suitable for the construction of medium residential, high-rise buildings and large factories. Its insulation properties, anti-thawing performance, and shock resistance, are not as good as aerated concrete slab or nanometer plate, so it is more suited to normal weather conditions rather than earthquake zones.