Quick Build homes for emergency shelter:

Prefab quick build steel frame accomodationThis is a prefab foldable steel frame structure home that can be used in case of emergencies such as earthquakes, flooding and for refugees. For emergency situations, a concrete base is not needed as these portable homes come with a complete floor base.

Prefab portable emergency shelter

 Standard structure of the foldable emergency shelter

  • Dimension is 5.9m x 5.9m
  • Consists of 2 bedrooms which are fully insulated.
  • 1 shower, toilet, and wash basin
  • A kitchen and living area/dining room
  • Comes fully fitted with electrics and plumbing in the framework
  • All steel frameworks are galvanized
Quick and easy build prefab house


One structure can be folded into a single unit for easy transportation purposes.

  • Roof structure is  light gauge steel truss system
  • Main structure is  light gauge steel framing system
  • Cladding is  PU insulation steel sandwich panel
  • interior lining is fiber cement board
  • Insulation:   high-performance glass wool
  • Flooring:  wooden or bamboo flooring
  • Ceiling: PVC ceiling panel.


Can be erected by three men in less than 20 minutes

They’re made to be moved easily and quickly, and can be transported by ship, train, truck, air transport or helicopter.

Eight units can be transported in 40-foot container.

Quick Build homes for emergency shelter ready for transporting

Steel Framework

Material:  Mainframes are made from channel steel and RHS cube. Whole frames are well welded in the factory.

Composition of the structure

  • The panels have a 0.3mm galvanized steel external finish

Roof Composition:

  • Roofing is made of 0.35mm color steel sheet
  • Roofing panel:  50mm EPS sandwich panel
  • Permitted loading: 1.00 KN/m²
  • Coefficient of thermal conductivity: K=0,030 W/m.k

External wall

Wall panels are made of 50mm with 10kg density EPS foam sandwich panel. All panels are fixed in the factory and hinged with roofing panel. The thickness of steel for the panel is 0.35mm outside and 0.35mm for inside.

Permitted loading: 0.60 KN/m²

Coefficient of thermal conductivity: K=0,028 W/m.K


 Doors are pre-hung in the doorframe. Windows are fully glazed and fit perfectly in the openings supplied.

The door is made of insulated steel and fitted with a door lock.

The windows are double glazed with aluminum frame.  Electrics and plumbing are all pre-installed in the panels ie sockets, light switches, and lighting,


Quick and easy build prefab house

Floor plan for a basic prefab house.

Quick Build homes for emergency shelter floor plan